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Visual Thinking Services

Welcome to Visualmind, where imagination meets impact! Elevate your communication with our cutting-edge services in graphic recording, whiteboard explainer videos, and visual thinking workshops.

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Graphic recording

Invite a graphic recorder who transforms the intangible into the tangible, capturing the essence of ideas, discussions, and narratives in real-time or after an event (e.g. webinar). 

With precision and creativity, our graphic recorder translate spoken words into captivating visuals, turning abstract thoughts into concrete, memorable images. Whether it's a brainstorming session, corporate meeting, or educational workshop, webinar or simply a boring report pdf - the graphic recorder's digital pen dances across the screen, crafting a visual story that not only reflects the content but also adds a layer of engagement and excitement.

In the digital realm, these vibrant visual artifacts can be easily shared, revisited, and integrated into presentations and reports, ensuring that the impact of your discussions lasts well beyond the meeting room. 

Whiteboard explainer videos

Welcome to Visualmind's Whiteboard Explainer Video Service, where we transform complex ideas into captivating stories. Our videos use hand-drawn illustrations and animation to simplify information, making it engaging and easy to understand. Versatile and impactful, these videos can be used on websites, in presentations, e-learning modules, or as attention-grabbing content for social media. Whether you're introducing a product, explaining a process, or conveying a concept, our whiteboard explainer videos enhance your message, making it memorable and relatable. At Visualmind, we specialize in creating visually stunning videos that leave a lasting impression. Let us turn your ideas into captivating stories!

Visual Thinking Workshops