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The Power of Visuals

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At Visualmind we transform complex ideas into visually stunning and easily digestible content, ensuring your message leaves a lasting impression. Let us turn your vision into a masterpiece – because when it comes to communication, seeing is believing!

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Graphic Recording

A skilled graphic recorder will create real-time visual representations of your ideas, discussions, and presentations using engaging visuals, icons, and text. 

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Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Our expert team will transform your complex concepts, ideas, or processes into engaging animated videos using a whiteboard-style animation. 

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Visual Thinking Workshops

 From mind maps and concept maps to diagrams and visual storytelling, our workshops will enhance your team's creativity, problem-solving skills, and communication effectiveness. 

Why Visual Thinking?

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See the big picture

Ideas floating in the air become clearer and more understandable. It helps people to see the bigger picture of an idea.

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Create a memorable experience 

People identify their input and achievements with the visualisations created. They are proud of the result and want to share it.

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Highlight the essence

Words, phrases, images and symbols capture the main ideas and results from different sources of information or during discussions and conversations.

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Produce a visible result

Visualisations created digitally become part of workspaces or publications. They can be adjusted to various formats and needs

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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Contact Visualmind today

Agnė Rapalaitė Rasiulė

Graphic facilitator and moderator


Dive into the vibrant world of education with over 15 years of expertise! As a seasoned trainer and facilitator, I blend dynamic visual thinking, a passion for colors, and top-notch educational skills to redefine your learning experience. Embarking on my journey as a graphic facilitator and video producer, I collaborate with a talented team of videographers, illustrators, and communication specialists to craft tailored solutions just for you. Let's bring your ideas to life in a burst of creativity and color!

Let's meet and discuss how visual thinking can enrich your organisation, institution or company.

I work in Lithuanian and English languages.

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